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  • Testing connectivity between an SMP device and Entwine EMP

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Routine system configuration and troubleshooting requires verification of proper connectivity between SMP devices and Entwine EMP. Symptoms of improper communication include:


  1. Open a web browser.
  2. Enter the IP address of the SMP into the address field and navigate to that unit. If no passwords have been set for the unit, the embedded web pages open automatically to the Recording Controls page. If one or more passwords has been set for the SMP, a dialog box opens and prompts you to enter a user name and password.
  3. If necessary, enter the user name and password.
  4. Locate the Entwine EMP Publish Settings for your device. On the SMP 300-series, this can be located under Scheduled Events. See the user guide for your firmware release if this tab is unavailable.
  5. Click the Test This Server button.


    The Test This Server button tests saved configuration values. When changing settings, pressing Test This Server before saving the on-screen values can result in a false positive connection test.

  6. Locate your error message in the solution section below for steps to resolve the issue.


Expand the sample error messages below for steps to resolve the respective issue.