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  • How to use filters in list tables

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Step-by-Step Guide

To Filter a List Table:

1.Click the  Image Modified icon in the Filter field located above the list.

A drop-down menu appears within the field.

Image Modified

2.Select an option from the drop-down menu (such as a category of metadata).


The two filter fields combine into one field to show the name of the filter, such as Status: Finished. Entwine EMP applies the filter immediately and updates the list table to include only entries meeting the selected options.


 Selecting the X button that appears after a filter option selection, removes all filters.



4. If desired, apply additional filters by performing steps 1 through 3 again as needed. Each filter appears within the filter field, and each filter condition is applied to the list table. 


    1. If desired, remove a single filter by clicking the X within the filter, or remove all the filters by clicking the X within the overall filter field.
    2. If desired, save a set of filters as a filter set.



 To filter by Start Date, enter a date range.


Saving Filter Sets

A set of filters can be saved, making it easy to re-use the same combination of filter settings in the future.

1.Select the menu icon Image Modified  within the filter field. The Saved filter sets dialog box opens.

    • If no filters have been saved previously, the dialog box displays "No saved filters yet".
    • If filters have been saved previously, the names of the filter sets appear in the dialog box, along with buttons to edit or delete each filter set.

Image Modified

2.Select the Save button. The dialog box displays two blank fields: Name and Description.

3.Enter the name and the description of the filter set in the appropriate fields. The name is required, the description is optional.

Image Modified


4.Click the Save button to save the filter set. The dialog box closes.

Applying, Editing, or Deleting a Filter Set