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After a recording has been completed and uploaded into the Entwine system, various playback options become available, depending on the recording status at the time you wish to view it.

Summary Table of Preview and Playback Options



View and Play the Recording in...



Recording Status

Entwine  Recording details window > Assets > Media > Media Details > Preview panel


Preview and Editing Page

A Video Portal (VideoLounge, LMS system)

Ingested, not processed




Ingested and processed




Ingested, processed, and published





If a problem occurs during an attempted play back (such as a network error, a system error, or the video format is not supported), an error message and explanation is displayed, and the play back attempt is terminated. Follow any onscreen instructions to continue.


Step By Step Guide

How to Access Each Preview or Playback Option

For a recording that has been ingested but not processed

  1. Select Main Menu   > Recordings  . The Recordings page opens.
  2. Locate the recording in the Recordings list (see the article on locating and accessing recordings).
  3. Click on the title of the recording. The Recording Details modal window opens.
  4. Click on the Assets tab to open the Assets page.

  5. In the Assets panel, click on the Details > link in the Media row. The Assets page changes from the Assets view to the Media view, displaying the Media panel.
  6. Click on the Details > link in the row for the recording file you want to play.

    The view changes to the Media Details view for that recording file. This view includes a Media details panel with a Download Original File button and a Streams panel.

  7. In the Media Details panel, click on the Download Original File button. The file downloads, and depending on the browser click Save or Open (in IE), or click the file icon at the base of the browser (Chrome) to open the file. The file can be opened by your default video playback program
  8. If the recording is a multi-stream recording that is, more than one file has been ingested per recording, (such as when both a presentation and a speaker recording are uploaded for a class, or is a dual channel recording), repeat steps 4 to 7 as needed to review the other files that are part of the recording package.



Using the preview icon for a recording that has been ingested but not processed

Click the   icon to preview the recording. At this time no editing options are available. 


• This preview option is only available at the point where Entwine EMP is uploading the recording, AND the status in the Recordings list is showing as "Running", AND the preview icon    is visible in the Recordings list.

• The Finished status follows very quickly after the preview icon become visible during the "running" process state. Clicking the icon in the "Finished" state, allows recording to be previewed with the editing options available.




For a recording that has been ingested and processed

If a recording has been processed, in addition to playing the preview in the Recording Details > Media Details page, the recording can be played in the EMP Preview page, as follows:

  1. Select Main Menu   > Recordings  . The Recordings page opens.
  2. Locate the recording in the Recordings list (see the article on locating and accessing recordings).
  3. Click on the Preview/Edit page icon   in the row for the recording. The Preview page opens. The following screen shots are examples of the playback page with a single recording and with a dual recording (showing the presentation on one side of the playback area and the speaker on the other).


    If both recordings that comprise a dual recording include audio, audio is played from the video of the speaker.

  4. Click the playback controls at the bottom of the recording pane to play the recording.




For a recording that has been ingested, processed, and published

For a published recording not only can you play the preview in the Media Details page in the Recording Details modal window, and play it in the EMP Preview page but you can also play the fully processed recording in a content portal (VideoLounge, an LMS system, and similar applications).

  1. In a Web browser, navigate to the portal to which the recording was published.
  2. Log in to the site, if necessary.
  3. Locate the recording in the list of recordings you have permission to view.
  4. Select the recording and open the playback page.
  5. Play the recording using the controls available in the portal.