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Control Systems Support Hotline: 800.633.9877

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  • How to log in or log out on Entwine EMP

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To log in Entwine EMP:

  1. Open a Web Browser.Image Removed
  2. Enter the URL (admin.FQDN) of the Entwine EMP system into the address field and then press the enter key. The Welcome to Entwine EMP login page opens.
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  3. Enter your Username and Password into the corresponding fields.

    the Remember me on this computer checkbox to save your username and password for future login.

    If desired, select

    If desired, select the Remember me on this computer checkbox to save your username and password for future login.

  4. Click Login. 

    The Entwine EMP Recordings page opens, showing the list of recordings in the system.

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To log out Entwine EMP:

  1. From any page within Entwine EMP, click on your username or the down-arrow adjacent to it in the upper right corner of the screen. A drop-down menu opens.
  2. Select Log Out. The Entwine EMP system logs you out and returns to the Welcome to Entwine EMP login page.