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  • How to edit a user account
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An administrator can edit the profile or rights for any user within Entwine EMP. The elements that are editable vary depending on account origin (local or AD/LDAP). Items that can be edited:

  • For the system administrator (project administrator) account, nothing can be edited, as this is a required system account.
  • For local users (users or administrators), changes can be made to the name, user password, e-mail address, and rights.
  • For users managed through an LDAP system, only the rights can be changed in EMP. The username, name, e-mail address (and password) are managed by the LDAP system. Contact an IT administrator if any of these items require changes.

To edit a user account:

  1. Select  Main Menu   > Organization . The Users page opens displaying a list of user accounts.

  2. In the Users list, locate and click on the name of the user account to be edited. The User Details modal window opens for that account.


 The list can be narrowed down by sorting, filtering, or using search criteria. Use the pagination controls at the bottom of the list to move between the pages.


  • For a user whose account can be edited, the Name field, Email, New Password fields, and the Save button are accessible and are not grayed out, as shown in the following example:

  • For an account that cannot be edited, such as the system administrator account, all the fields on  the User page are locked, and cannot be accessed. The page also briefly displays a warning notice stating that the user account is not manageable (see below).

      3. To change the name or e-mail address for an editable user account, tab to or click in the Name field, E-mail field, or New Password fields and add, delete, or change the text as desired.

  • In the User Details window, the Username is read-only and cannot be changed.
  • E-mail addresses must be a valid format (<name>@<domain>.<extension>) before you can submit the changed address for validation.
  • Fields marked with a red asterisk cannot be left blank.



The name and e-mail address can be changed independently of rights. If you do not need to change rights for the account, proceed to step 5.

       4. To change the rights:
          a. Click on the Rights tab. The User page changes to the Rights page.

  • Selectable rights (those not applied to the account) are shown in the Select Rights pane.
  • Added rights (those applied to the account) are shown in the Added Rights pane.

    b. To add rights, select one or more rights from the Select Rights list and click the Add Right button below the list.

You can select multiple rights by pressing <Shift+click> or <Shift+<up- or down-arrow> to select a sequential range or rights, or <Ctrl+click> to select multiple, non-sequential rights. Then click  the Add Rights button.

         The selected rights appear in the Added Rights list and are removed from the Select Rights list.
    c. To remove any Added Rights, select one or more rights in the Added Rights list and click the the Remove Right button. The rights are removed from the Added Rights list and become available in the Select Rights list.
5. When changes have been completed, click the Save button to save. The User Details modal window closes and a success message is briefly displayed. The updated name, e-mail address, and rights appear in the users list.