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  • How to conduct system monitoring
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Within the Entwine EMP user interface you can monitor the following items:

  • Servers — View a list of servers, their status, cores, number of jobs in which state, and run times and queue times. You can also toggle server maintenance mode on and off.
  • Services — View a list of services along with the status of each service; the number of jobs that are completed, running, or queued; the run times and queue times, and any actions.


Step-by-Step Guide

To access the system monitoring pages:

  1. Log in to Entwine EMP (see Logging in, opening Entwine EMP, and Logging Out).
  2. Select the Main Menu:  .
  3. Select the Systems option   from the drop-down menu. The Servers page opens.
  4. Select the desired tab (Servers or Services) for the monitor page you want to view.


The Servers page lists the server that hosts the Entwine EMP system, along with its connection status, processing cores, quantities of jobs (completed, running, queued), mean run time and mean queue time. In addition, it includes a control that allows an administrator to set the server for maintenance mode.

Server connection indication

The Status column in the Servers list displays an icon indicating the server status as follows:

    •  Connected — The server is operational.
    •  Maintenance mode — The server is in maintenance mode. The Maintenance control is selected and the server continues to process existing jobs and tasks, but it does not accept new jobs. Any running processes continue until they are completed.

If processing is not completed, the recording might indicate (in the Recordings list) that it is pending, and services are listed in the Services page as not running.

    • Disconnected — The server is offline.

Server maintenance mode

If the server requires maintenance, select the Maintenance checkbox to change server from standard mode (grey lightbulb) to maintenance mode (lightbulb). When this mode is selected, the Status indicator changes from a green circle to a yellow circle, the server continues to process existing jobs and tasks, but it does not accept new jobs. Recording processes that are in progress run until they are completed. When the Jobs running column indicates that 0 jobs are running, you can perform any required maintenance tasks.
When server maintenance has been completed, deselect the Maintenance checkbox. The indicator changes back to green and the system accepts new jobs for processing.


The Services page lists which services are part of the Entwine system and displays the following information status for each service:

  • Status (normal, pending, error)
  • Number of jobs completed, running, and queued
  • Mean run time
  • Mean queue time

This information can be useful during troubleshooting.

To sort the table entries see Finding Entries in Each Page (Sorting, Searching, Filtering) for detail.

Resolving issues with a service

If a service is in an error state, the status is shown as "ERROR" in the Services table. A button appears in the Actions column in the row for that service. Click the button to reset and restart the service.