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This section provides instructions on how to add (create) a course in the Entwine system.

Step-by-Step Guide

To add a course:

  1. Select  Main MenuThe Main Menu button > RecordingsThe main menu Recordings icon. The Recordings page opens displaying the Recordings list.

    The Recordings page

  2. Select the Courses tab in the navigation bar. The Courses page opens listing the courses in a table.

    The Courses page, before adding a new course

  3. Click the + Add Course button. The Add Course modal window opens at the Metadata page, where you enter basic information about the course.

    The Add Course window Metadata page before configuration

  4. Enter or select metadata for the course.


     If you enter any metadata in this page and attempt to close the Add Course modal window before completing the creation process, a dialog box opens informing the user that all entered data will be lost if window is closed.

    • The title is required. Other elements are optional.
    • Two asterisks (**) after a field name indicate that information in that field will propagate to recordings that are created as part of that course, though the information can be changed when scheduling the recordings or editing recording metadata.


  5. Click Next. The view changes to the Access policy page. Here you can set which rights have what type of access to the recordings that are part of the course. You can set all the rights and permissions individually in the Details panel, or you can apply a predefined set of rights and permissions from a template as a starting point and then customize the access as desired

    The Add Course Access policy page before configuration


     Previous button appears in the lower left corner of this page and on the rest of the pages in the Add Course process through the Summary page. If you want to return to the previous page to verify settings or make changes, click the Previous button or one of the navigation and progress indicator circles at the top of the page.

  6. If desired, apply an access policy template to use as a starting point for configuring the rights and read-write permissions that define access for the course. Entwine includes at least two default templates. 

    1. Select an option from the Access Templates drop-down menu.

      Selecting an access template to apply

      The rights and permissions that are included in that template appear in a table within the Access Templates panel.


      This information in the table is read-only and cannot be edited. Changes to access policy templates must be made in the Access Policy Details modal windows (reached via Main Menu > Organization > Access policies > detail view link).


      The Add Course Access policy page with an access template selected, before application

    2. Click Apply to apply the access policy template settings to the course and add them to the Details panel. The template details are no longer shown in the Access Template panel.


      Click Cancel if you do not want to apply the template settings. The template details are no longer shown in the Access Template panel, and the Details panel remains unchanged.

  7. If rights were added from a template, change any rights, if desired, by selecting different ones from the Right drop-down menus (click on the name of a right to open the menu) in the Details panel.

  8. If rights were added from a template, change permissions as desired by selecting or deselecting Reador Write permissions checkboxes.

  9. If desired, add Groups and Users by selecting from the drop-down menus in the Details panel.
  10. If desired, remove any Groups or Users from the Added Groups and User table.

  11. Click Next. The view changes to the Summary page. This page displays a read-only list of the settings for the course.


  12. To make changes to any settings:

    1. Click the Previous button or click on the dot for the appropriate page in the progress bar in the header to return to the page where you want to make changes.
    2. Change settings as needed.
    3. Click the Next button or click on the dot for the Summary page in the progress bar in the header.
  13. Click Create in the Summary page. The Add Course window closes, EMP displays a success notification, and the course appears in the Courses page list.


Some course fields can be restored to defaults later via the Recordings page.